Uju Valentine, a sensational minstrel of the kingdom from Enugu State, Nigeria, is back again with a sound of appreciation to the God that keeps overlooking our mistakes and human insufficiencies on a daily.This song reminds us that we are sustained by Love, mercy, and forgiveness: so we are eternally grateful for THE BLOOD..

She started singing as a child, before metamorphosing into a Praise and Worship leader in her church at LFC, Winners Chapel Enugu. Her debut single ( Heal the Land)was in 2018 followed by “You do well” a thanksgiving song that everyone needs to vibe to which was released in 2021.
All the while,Uju Valentine has been consistent in blessing lives and bringing down the glory of God in her home church and in various other churches

Be ready for an encounter with Jehovah as you listen to this sound, ONYE OBIOMA, a song born out of her encounter with God.

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Lyrics: ONYEOBIOMA By Uju Valentine

You seated above
Showering your blessings on us
You are merciful
Despite our short comings
And inconsistencies
You’re there,loving on us
All we have,
All we have we got them from you

Onyeobioma anyi n’ekele gi
Onyeobioma anyi n’ekele gi
Onyeobioma anyi n’ekele gi
Anyi n’ekele gi

Sometimes I wonder
If you count our sins one after the other,
Who can stand ,but then you go on and on and on.
Loving on us through the blood ,blood of Jesus
I said I wonder (iyee iye)
If you count the mistakes one after the other, o bu onye ga-eguzo,
But then you go on and on,get your eyes all on me,
—– all through the blood.
Blood of Jesus,
all we (all I’ve got)
All we have we got them from you
(Repeat Chorus)

Call-Chii di ebere
Call- Chi were obioma
Call-You’re Chi were omiko
Call-inaghi agbaghapu mu o
When I go astray
Call-cos you’re the darling of my soul
You are the lover of my life

Anyi n’ekele gi,
the kind hearted one,
Anyi n’ekele gi,
You forgive and you remember them no more,
Anam ekele gi ,
with a heart full of thanks,
I come to you my savior
Thank you Jesus

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